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BSAC Standard

BSAC Syllabus

BSAC Diving courses are designed to build confidence and self-reliance, whilst keeping safety uppermost. Diving skills are taught progressively so that each new experience is built upon step by step. Following basic training in the safety of a swimming pool or protected area, students soon complete their first open water dives to achieve Ocean Diver certification. This progression continues to Sports Diver and beyond, where open water skills and techniques are further developed and experience gained.

Course Structure

Each course is typically structured in three stages. Typically BSAC has a theory lesson, in/out of pool session, followed by an open water session. These can be seen within the pictures on this page.

Training Material

When a student progresses through the levels, printed training material is used so that theory can be studied at home.



Dry Practical Lessons

Classroom Instruction

Theory Lessons

Pool Training

Sheltered Water Training

OW Training

Open Water Lessons / Diving

Qualified Elsewhere?

Divers Qualified with Other Agencies

The club welcomes divers who have undertaken previous diver training by recognised organisations, whether recreational, commercial or military. Divers can enjoy diving with the club, as a branch of BSAC, within the recommendations of their existing qualification and BSAC Safe Diving Practices (whichever is the more conservative).

Follow the link to the BSAC equivalent scuba qualifications chart.