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The Rope Bridge


Romsey Sub-Aqua Club (RSAC) is a small friendly diving club founded in 1981. We mainly dive the Sussex, Hampshire and Dorset coast as well as many international dive venues around the world.  We have a whole spectrum of members from very experienced instructors to people who are taking the plunge for the first time.  RSAC welcomes new members from the South-Hampshire and Wiltshire area.

RSAC welcomes beginners no matter what age or experience. Indeed more experienced divers are welcome, and it doesn’t matter where you are trained, or who you trained with. It doesn’t matter if you haven’t dived for a few seasons. We want to take you diving and show you a whole new world. With the support of our nationally qualified instructors, diving in British waters is easy and fun. We can develop your skills and introduce you to a global network of active divers.

Mission Statement

RSAC provides a co-operative environment for like-minded people to participate in Sports Diving safely.  RSAC believes in equal opportunities and has an active membership of both men and women; we have about 20 members.


A club setting allows members to enjoy a wide variety of diving in the UK and abroad, and promotes members to plan underwater expeditions of their choice.  RSAC provides free training to members from Ocean to Advanced Diver, allowing them to train others, hence reducing the overall cost of diving.  RSAC provide a forum for member to discuss diving topics, equipment and techniques to further a safe diving environment economically.  Finally, and most importantly, RSAC is a group of people who enjoy each other’s company and often meet on social events throughout the week.

  • Organise ~1-3 foreign dive holidays a year, these include places like the Red-Sea, Thailand and Truk Lagoon.
  • To have long weekends/weeks away to other UK coastlines and inland waters.
  • Romsey SAC members organise day-dive weekends on the South-Coast, typically between Littlehampton and Portland.
  • Organise diving related trip like:  Submarine Escape Training Tank, Hyperbaric Chambers, RNLI and Coastguard.
  • To vary the level of diving to serve the needs of beginners and experienced divers alike.
  • To economically introduce members to diving utilising club scuba equipment
  • To provide a rigid-hulled inflatable boat and necessary training to the membership.
  • To provide a weekly swimming pool session in order to promote training and fitness.
  • To continually enhance the social aspect of the club


RSAC is affiliated to The British Sub-Aqua Club (BSAC).  We are able to train divers in-house to BSAC Advanced Diver Qualification. We understand that a lot of divers are trained by other agencies, for example PADI, and we recognise these alternative training programmes.  If you wish to join RSAC we can either offer you the equivalent BSAC qualification without further training, or you can follow the BSAC training from your current level.   Look at our training section to examine the “Statement of Alternative Training” to find-out more.


Communication is primarily done via email, we use email distribution lists and mails are communicated every couple of days. We meet and discuss dives and events on a Tuesday night.  Everyone is issued with a membership list in order to provide current email, home phone and mobile phone numbers.

Age Limit

RSAC welcomes divers aged 14 years or greater, particularly from parents who are also active members of the club.  The Club would expect its members to be able to travel to and from the pool and not need supervision while at diving locations, Club events may involve attending a public house.  In addition, parent must remember diving is an adventure sport that requires specialised knowledge.