Pool / Meetings – 2020


Pool sessions currently suspended due to C-19 restrictions / lockdown.

The club has just started to hold online weekly Zoom Meetings to keep members in touch (as well as the active WhatsApp Group). Look out for e-mails from the Club Secretary.


Every other week the pool is shared with Eastleigh BSAC on a Tuesday evening between 9-10 pm at Fleming Park Leisure Centre in Eastleigh. The RSAC calendar reflects the dates for 2020.

If you would like any training then you must contact a committee member (preferably the Training Officers) in plenty of time before the session as the Eastleigh club have asked that we contact them in advance if we intend to conduct diver pool training.

All pool rules still apply. Please make the effort to support these sessions.

On alternate weeks the club meets in the Old House At Home on Tuesdays. There will be a committee member in the pub from at least 8.00 -8.30pm. We will be arranging training and refresher lectures. Anyone with any requests please contact a member of the committee.

Contact List

Please ensure that you keep your details on the contact list updated with the Membership Secretary. You can find the list within the members section of the website.

Committee Minutes / Agenda

Please look in the members section for the minutes and actions from the RSAC Committee meetings. Your committee are continually looking at the branch bye-laws (constitution), prospectus, child protection policy and the dive calendar (including social events).

All members can attend committee meetings as observers – please give notice to the Secretary that you would like to do so.

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