The Club

Lundy Diving

Lundy Diving

Seven Tenths of the planet is water, and those of us that dive regularly have only seen only a minute part of the world’s seas.

People’s lifestyle over the recent past has changed somewhat. Our leisure time is very short and so we want to maximise the impact of our weekends and holidays. At the same time having a constant in ones life is also benefiting.

At Romsey Sub-Aqua Club (RSAC), we have alternate pool and pub sessions each week whereby one can train and swim as well as meet people and socialise. We organise cheap weekends, and evenings away that offer an exciting experience with archeological and biological significance. RSAC also organise’s one or more annual holidays abroad, visiting some of the most spectacular underwater environments on the planet.


Torquay Early Morning

The People

RSAC is made up of a wide spectrum of people from many different backgrounds, young and old. We have doctors, dentists, builders, physiotherapists, mechanics, mothers, taxi drivers, students; generally a whole spectrum of the local community.

These people have one thing in common and that is the passion to explorer a new world.



Jessica – Marsa Alam

RSAC is an environment that is structured that will allow the instruction of scuba in a progressive systematic way. However, RSAC is an environment that will allow you to pursue your own interests, generally with a following of other like minded individuals.

If you wish to dive only once or twice a year on our annual vacation, with the ability to keep your skills up to date, you can do so.

Similarly, if you would like to purse the deep wreck (or not so deep wreck) environment and learn about some of the massive tragedies in wartime Britain, then this is a regular a topic of a dive.

Finally, if you want to see some of the unique marine environment like the “Dorset Cup Coral”. Or experience the changing colours of the cuttlefish off Chesil beach. Or simply hunt for your evening meal… Then RSAC can offer this environment.

Club Rules

All clubs have a set of rules that they ask their members to abide by – RSAC is no different. The rules are there several reasons:

  • To inform members about fees.
  • To inform members about acceptable levels of behaviour at a pool session and whilst diving or using club equipment.
  • To provide a source of information for members.

RSAC Club Rules can be found here.


To become a member of Romsey SAC you will need to give your permission for the following data to be kept for the reasons stated below:

  • Keeping your name / email address / phone numbers on our records for the purpose of continuing contact (open to all members).
  • Keeping your diving / club related qualifications on our records for the purpose of dive planning (open to all members).
  • Keeping the Child Protection agreement on our records (open only to Committee Members).